Korg TR-Rack and Cubase 8.5

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Question for some of the hardware folks. I’ve setup all my external synths very nicely with all patch names, programs changes with 1 exception - the Korg TR-Rack (Trinity). I have all the combi patches accessible, but have not found any ways to switch from combo mode to programs mode on the synth via midi. Has anyone had luck with Cubase? Also I’ve heard you can do this by hex decimal values, but again not sure if this is possible with cubase or how it can be done.

Any ideas?

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Cubase can Send/Receive hex messages (SystemExclusive). You should be able to find, how to switch the Combi mode in the manual.

Or enable SysEx receive in Cubase Prederence. Then switch to the Combi on your HW and record he MIDI message. The SysEx should be recorded, and you can use it.

Can’t you use VSTi editor for your Korg?

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thank you for the response.

So here is an example of the .txt file for an external module synth, the TR-Rack by Korg.

[g1] Combi Bank ©
[p2, 0, 0, 2] TrinitySoundRack
[p2, 1, 0, 2] Power{HIT}Split
[p2, 2, 0, 2] UnderWater*Parade
[p2, 3, 0, 2] EAuditorium+MIDI
----^-----This is the patch number value to switch 0-127
--------^------ This would be the bank value to switch from various banks on a synth. (works fine in other synths I own)

The way I do this is setup is from the external instrument feature here:

Here is the exact hex code for switching.

(12)Mode change

g=Global channel value

m= Mode change Value 0-Combi/2-program/
xx = Program number of the Given mode

so if you want to select combi mode and your rack is on global channel 1 and you simply want to select combi number 1


for program mode,where 0m should be enter 02 instead

Now is their a way to send a hexadecimal command via the device management system already in external instrument editor within the .txt file? Basically I want all my synth names, patches accessible on the TR-Rack in presets, which up until now has only been the 4 combo banks due to not being able to switch banks from combo to programs. Their is no midi switch to switch banks on the TR-Rack, so ultimately Im looking to somehow switch via hex in the preset environment.

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No, there is no way, how to send SysEx from the Device Manager. You have to add a MIDI track, and send the SysEx message from the MIDI track. As Init data. In the Controller line of the Key Editor select System Exclusive. Create an empty SysEx event by Draw tool. Then double-click to the event and type the message.

Hi Martin,

Ok thats a shame. I was leaning towards this answer with the hope I would be missing some sort of trick to put it off. Thank you for the help!

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