Korg Triton VST


I have an issue when using Korg’s Triton VST plugin, when “Always on Top” is disabled.

As song as the plugin window is above the project windows I can move the plugin window by clicking on the title bar and moving it. But when the plugin window is not over the project window, I am not able to move it by draging the title bar.
When the Triten plugin is partly over the project window, it is even more obvious. As long as I start click and drag the part of the title bar that is above the project window I can move the plugin window. But bug clicking on the part of the title bar that is not over the project window and dragging does not work.

I have this behaviour only with the Korg Triton VST. M1 and Wavestation plugins can be dragged as expected as well as all other plugin windows.

Does anyone else have such a wired behaviour?


To me it looks like the plug-in issue.

Maybe, but there were so many issues, since Steinberg introduced the standalone menu bar a few versions ago.


It doesn’t seem to be related to me at all.