Korg x50 and Cubase 6


I just got me a second hand Korg x50 off Ebay.it hasnt arrived yet but i was wondering if any of you guys have one and as its my first hardwear midi instrument could i ask a couple of questions.

It has its own usb cable that comes with the unit and softwear for editing the sounds filters ect inside your pc…
All fair and good im guessing this usb option will be like my m-audio keystation? install the drivers and cubase will see the korg and i can then set up the korg to control midi in cubase.
I would very much like to use the korg multitimberaly inside of cubase would this be achievable with the usb cable?

I have a fireface 800 interface and i was wondering if I would be better to connect the korg up to that with 5 pin din midi cables instead as i wouldnt mind the usb slot back.

As i have only ever used vst instruments I have no expirence with hardwear instruments so i was wondering what the diffrence would be between the usb conection to the midi ins and out in my fireface?

Thankyou in advance

Oh great, I have a MicroX which is the little sister of the X50 and very similar. This one has like the X50 an edit software which can be used standalone and as VSTi in Cubase. That is very comfortable because all your settings will be stored with your project and you can automate a lot of parameters.

It is very important to know that the usb connection delivers midi data only and you have to use the audio outs and an audio interface to record the sound of the X50.
You can use it multitimbral because every timbre uses an own channel - same as with any multitimbral VSTi.

Yep i was just pricing up some cables for that :wink:

is the korg vsti a 64bit?

Sadly not. But the VSTBridge works with it on my system.

The drivers for my microX are for 32 and 64 bit and iirc they are the same for the MicroX and the X50.

cool :slight_smile: