Korg X50 not showing up as MIDI Device

Pretty sure I installed everything right, the Korg USB MIDI driver. It shows up in the stand alone editor program that comes with the X50 but not in Cubase 6.0.1’s Device Manager, MIDI Devices. My guess is the install was supposed to put a little file somewhere but it didn’t expect Cubase 6 and that file didn’t end up in the right place. Any ideas?


Upon futher testing, it’s not Cubase’s fault since all my programs don’t show the X50 as a MIDI device. I installed a generic Windows driver and it does show up, but then I get yelled at by the X50 plugin and Editor program that I should install the Korg driver! Anybody had this experience?

New Info, X50 MIDI device shows up in 32bit programs but not 64bit, even though it seems to have a 64x driver. So it’s a 64x issue. Any ideas?


I have the same problem with my Korg X50.
I had Cubase 5 Essential and it was working fine, i could open it in VST instruments and open banks of sounds of Korg X50 directly from Cubase, but when i did upgrade to Cubase Artist 6, X50 became only as a midi controller for other VST instruments, but not for proper X50… It is so sad
I tryed a lot for fix it, but there no way to make it, at least for me it is not possible.

Did you resolve it? cus i still trying… :unamused:

My best wishes

I have problems like that with the Korg USB MIDI driver and my Korg MicroX. With default configuration the editor plugin won’t work. MicroX and X50 are very similar and use the same MIDI driver.

My Workaround:
In Korg Usb Driver Configuration I select “32 bit only” at MIDI in. So it is actually switched off for 64bit.
MicroX MIDI out shows up as microX 1 SOUND (Probably as X50 SOUND on your system). I can use now the device without problems as MIDI out device.

Bad thing is: I can’t use the controllers, keyboard and encoders of the microX. So I use the MIDI Out of the microX to a socket of my MIDI input of my sound device instead usb and leave the MIDI in socket of the microX empty. Of course I have to use the MIDI in of the connected sound card now.

But if you are lucky Korg Usb Driver Configuration is misconfigured only. Fool around with the MIDI in option. And don’t take “Configure KORG Driver Setup Utility” for “Configure KORG USB-MIDI Driver” as I mostly do. The latter is the right one.