Korg X50 Plugin not working

Hi all,

I just upgraded to Cubase 6 from Cubase Studio 4 and I’m using the Korg X50 VST Plugin to connect to my X50.
In Cubase 4 everything was working fine. Also after upgrading, evverything was ok in Cubase Studio 4.
In Cubase 6 the X50 also appears in the MIDI in & out list. The VST plugin also will be recognized.

But, when I’m adding a new instrument track, the editor plugin opens and cannot recognize the X50. I will be asked to scan the midi devices again. But it doesn’t work. (The X50 is connected via USB, so no other MIDI device is assigned to it …)

Anybody having the same problem?

All my drivers are up to date and where possible, 64bit software and drivers are installed. Im using Windows 7 Ultimate. (As I know, there is no explicit 64bit version for the VST plugin editor …)

Thx for help!


Hi bernie

I have the same issue with my Korg MicroX, which is nearly the same synth and uses the same USB-MIDI driver. I never managed it and tried countless possibilities including jBridge, editing the registry …

I posted a question in the Korg Forum, send their support an eMail like I did with Steinberg. Both fora and both support staffs gave me no answer :imp: :question: I love this behaviour.

I can only work with the MicroX Edit plugin on the 32-bit Version of Cubase 5 & 6. There it works also on Win 7 / 64.

So try the 32bit Version.