Korg X50 VSTi

Hi Guys,

I recently upgraded to Cubase Artist 8.5 and have noticed a number of VSTis don’t run properly (I was expecting some problems).

I have an editor for my Korg X50 keyboard, it allows you to use the editor as a plugin which is really handy. I have enabled the X50 track i/o on the inspector but I get an error saying Cubase can’t find the hardware, This is strange because the X50 is connected and is available to Cubase.

It also works with SX3, Standalone mode and on Cubase Elements on my Laptop so I’m not sure what’s up.I suppose I could connect it via MIDI to try that, but USB is handier (and faster).


Any ideas?

Kind regards,

George Wood

After some digging around tha Korg site, I’ve discovered a compatibility chart.

It appears the X50 editor will work on a 64 bit OS, but not a 64 bit DAW (oh well).


Here’s the link I found if anyone is interested.



I have a Korg M50 and also found this issue with 64bit DAW (Cubase 8 Elements) on a 64bit W10 machine

I can run the Korg M50 in an older 32bit machine running Cubase 4 on W7 and so I have interconnected these two PC’s together through MIDI, but it’s starting to get too complex to keep all the connections alive.

Has anyone found a good way to keep older VST’s working for older equipment? with either multiple Cubase machines or virtual O/S, or anything similar?

I have this same issue too on my Roland Fantom XR.

jbridge tool will help you.
Check out the website: https://jstuff.wordpress.com/jbridge/
Youtube help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6qaPwCApH4

It worked for Korg M50 vst (32bit) when i had to use it in Cubase 10 Pro, which only accepted 64 bit plugins.