Kramer Master Tape (for $29) vs Magneto 2

Today Waves Kramer Master Tape is on sale for $29 and I wonder if anyone compare it to Magneto 2

Well what do you think?

I do not have Magneto 2 :frowning:

Gee, I could have known that if I had only read your sig. D’oh :confused:

Don’t have Magneto 2, but since KMT was that cheap, had to buy and test it. My first impression is it’'s quite harsh: you’ll get extreamly saturated sound very quickly. Not a bad thing, if that’s what you’re looking for, but not going to be my 1:st pick as a general tape saturation plug-in (which right now is TB ReelBus). But it’s definitely worth of spending $29 … but I wouldn’t buy it at list price.

Disclaimer: opinion based on quick 20 minute test run … it’s getting late in this part of the globe.

Well I will try it, this is my first waves plugin in a lot of time

They are all harsh. use real tape

:smiley: Wondering when they implement an emulation plugin for that tape.

I’m not a fan of the Kramer Tape plugin at all - this is one Waves got wrong in my mind.
Magneto 2 is fun.
If you really want tape sound done properly, all I can say is UAD Ampex (for mixdown) and UAD Studer (for multitrack).
These do require a lot of learning as they are extremely accurate emulations and I highly recommend getting the Ultralinear presets for them as well, which are designed for maximum response & linearity.

If you want quick & easy, Slate’s VTM is very good - but nowhere near as flexible as the UAD offerings (by design though, as the Slate VTM is designed for fast & simple use)
Also Waves Abbey Road Reel ADT is a lot of fun

uhh kind of late!

I saw some of the other plugs that you say, but the price is very different from $29