KT-DrumTrigger not working in Cubase 7.5

I have used KT-DrumTrigger from smartelectronics.com in Cubase 5 without any problems. But now in Cubase 7.5.20 I can’t get it to work. The MIDI-track / VSTi-track doesn’t receive MIDI input. Setup:

  • Audio-track with snaredrum en KT-DrumTrigger (version 1.0b5) as first and only insert
  • MIDI-track with the output of KT-DrumTrigger as input (KTDrumTrigger - MIDI out)

The plugin triggers (small round dot on the audio-trace) but the MIDI track meter doesn’t respond.

  • Different MIDI channels (1, 10, input channel “any”) makes no difference
  • MIDI track record enabled on/off no difference
  • MIDI track monitor on/off no difference

Any ideas anyone?

Hi Flexiom

I had exactly the same problem, the only way round it seemed to be to use JBridge, the bridging alternative to the Steinberg one. It’s pretty cheap and works well, rather better than the Steiny one I think. There are several of the drum trigger programs that will only work with Jbridge as I tried one or two others as well. Something to do with them all being 32 bit I think, I would guess that Drumagog which comes in 64 bit flavour would be fine, but I don’t need it enough to splash da cash.

Best Regards


Thanks Dave, I will give it a try!

KT-DrumTrigger doesn’t work with 64bit Cubase and the Steinberg bridge.

As I only needed a few triggerd tracks, I installed the 32bit version of Cubase alongside, created the MIDI-triggertracks and exported them to the 64bit Cubase.

So the problem is 64bit Cubase, not 64bit Windows.


in the past I also worked with this plugin, but since the hitpoint detection in nuendo I did not need it anymore.
Have you tried the build in hitpoint detection already ? I think it is far more comfortable than KT Drum Trigger

Thanks for the tip! I still thought hitpoints were (only) about slicing and quantisizing… I’ll RTFM.

Hi, you can use it to generate Midinotes and it is very comfortable and works very well.

Hi again Flexiom

Maybe I didn’t make myself clear, KT Drum will ONLY work for me if I use JBridger, which is an alternative to Steinberg’s VST bridge which DOESN’T seem to work with any of the “Drum Trigger” type programs.

Best Regards