Kurzweil PC3K8 to HAMMERFALL SPDF Question

I’m taking the Digital out from my PC3K8 into my RME Hammerfall SPDF input. I’ve set up an input bus. Cubase 9.5 lists the input options for this Digital bus as Right and Left. Of course, SPDF is just one stereo input. What did I do wrong? I can see the stereo input in the console view but can’t set up the input in the track view. Thanks.

With most soundcards all channels are mono until grouped to stereo. This is how I’d set it up.

  • open audio connections ‘f4’
  • ‘add bus’ stereo
  • setup both correct L and R inputs
  • now add a new Stereo audio track in Arranger
    that’s it.
    If you try to use a mono audio track you can only choose the left or right input, naturally.

Thanks, beerbong. Just moved to Cubase from Sonar and there are still a few things I get stuck doing wrong because of, well, 20 years with Cakewalk. I appreciate the help.

Everything good now?

Yup. Thanks a million! Not quite sure what I did, but suspect I just set up a mono track instead of a stereo one. That’s one difference between Sonar and Cubase. Automatic vs. Choose.