L/R mixdown in Cubase 12

So, I’ve got my Cubase 7 a loooong time ago and was quite happy with it. However, I thought that it’s time to keep up with progress and got me a trial of Cubase 12. So far everything’s fine except one detail.
In Cubase 7 I found out that if you need a stereo file, you better choose L/R Channels and not Interleaved while exporting. Because Interleaved for Cubase apparently means just channels 1 and 2, not L and R, so when I tried importing my interleaved Cubase mixdowns into Pro Tools, Pro Tools would always separate them into two mono files A1 and A2. I tried choosing L/R in Cubase - and voilà - Pro Tools recognized them correctly as stereo files. So since then I knew that you should make it L/R not Interleaved in Cubase if you want stereo.
Now in my new Cubase 12 there is no such option! Actually, I found out that the Audio Mixdown window is supposed to look like here: Export Audio Mixdown Dialog
Mine, however, looks completely different (pic attached). And there is no “L/R Channels” option, there’s option “L/R Channels from Surround”. But why Surround? I don’t even have any surround tracks, buses or outputs in my project. So what do I choose if I want stereo file? Tried Interleaved - of course it gives the same old effect, Pro Tools recognizes it as 2 mono files. And why does my mixdown window look different?

Split channels is essentially the equivalent. But the problem importing into pro tools is with how it’s set up i believe. I think you can set pro tools to use interleaved by default which should import interleaved stereo accordingly.

Tried that, didn’t work.
Also, won’t Split Channels make two mono files instead of one stereo?

Yes, i meant that split channels is equivalent to choosing left and right for separate output.

So the thing to do is have pt set to interleaved and import interleaved exports from cubase.

What version of pt is this?

I’ve got PT 2022

I just tried it and it works fine on my system. Nuendo export of an interleaved file then imported into a PT session - creates a stereo track by default:

I believe it doesn’t even need to be selected when you create your session:

Sorry if you knew all of this already. Anyway, it works here.

That’s weird, I actually tried it and it didn’t work. Well, maybe because I tried it on Cubase 7 and Pro Tools 12. Maybe now it will work. Thanks!