Labels before change of instruments

How can I get Dorico to display the correct labels ahead of changes of instruments?

I know I could enter a piccolo-chord region in the first 3 bars, however this would break the multimeasure rest in the part. Any other solution?

It’s not ideal as it creates a page override, but I’ve simply used a text frame for this before. Duplicate your Staff Labels Paragraph Style and set the Background Color of the new style to be white. Once you are completely done with all editing and layout, type the label in a text frame using your new Paragraph Style and move it into position. This leaves the part unaffected.

If going the other way and Fl. needs to cover Picc., you’ll need to input a few non-breaking spaces, which will then hide the additional letters.

EDIT: I forgot there’s simply a Background Color property for Frames. You can just use that without a new Paragraph Style.

Doesn’t changing the instrument change position to immediately after the last note in the previous instrument solve this?

Although I guess that would also affect earlier systems between the flute ending and the picc starting.

Thank you. I think this is a good suggestion until a definite solution to the problem will be provided (hopefully) in a future update.

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Yes, but this brings about other problems such as an all too early appearence of clef changes in the midst of empty bars or of new percussion’s (empty) staves before a page break.