Lack of bluetooth audio support in Steinberg audio engine for macOS.

Since this is a cross-software issue affecting all current Steinberg product lines for macOS, I couldn’t find a subforum that fits this issue except this lounge.

Yesterday I was in an Apple Genius Bar (in Jinan, China) trying the latest Beats Solo Wireless 3. This model sounds clearer than its terrible predecessors (though the bass frequencies are still over-enhanced), making me wonder whether it could be used for audio production purposes. The people in the Genius bar showed me that it is possibe with Logic Pro X and Garageband (the latency is around 190ms, enough for mixing but not recording), and I put out my MacBook Pro testing it with some softwares I own. Studio One 4 works well with it (same latency as above).

How the heck ever, My owned Steinberg apps (HALion Sonic SE 3, Dorico 2, Cubase Elements 9.5, etc.) all misidentifies the Beats Solo Wireless 3 as two mono devices and none of them is actualy usable in these apps: VST instruments won’t articulate with any of them.

I know people here are likely to taunt that why the heck Steinberg should do compatibility with 1) Beats products. 2) Bluetooth audio. HOWEVER, I bet that most of these people are not Dorico users or they don’t mostly use Dorico on their computers. Certain music engravers prefer bring their laptop everywhere they feel convenient to do their daily music engraving work, and wireless headsets brings them conveniences a lot.

I wish any moderator could help me move this thread to the subforum that brings useful focuses to this thread, and I will appreciate it.

P.S.: TBO, I prefer ATH-M70x. Beats to me is still not eligible for professional audio mixing. I just don’t have to use audio mixing headsets for engraving works.