Lack of multicore support

Hi, I have a big problem as many do with VST meter maxing out with only a few tracks. I have had no help form Steinberg on the issue. I did see one interesting tutorial (Omnisphere) where they states that ALL DAWs do not make proper use of multicores. What was most interesting is that they say that if a multi VST instrument is used (like Halion 5, Sonic, Omnisphere Etc) Where you can have 8 or even 16 tracks running through one instance of the plugin, all of the processing is assigned to a single core for that VST plugin. I have two thoughts,

  1. why are the DAW manufacturers not addressing this and programming the software to take full advantage of the multicores. Even now so people with issues are told to turn hyperthreading off and some are advised to leave it on.
  2. if this is the case then if i wanted to run say 8 Omnisphere tracks would it now make more sense to have 4 instances and only run 2 per instance? Same would apply to Halion and Sonic?

Currently I have made so many changes to my pc, setting,bios etc that i dont have a clue what is best as I never get any improvement no matter what I do. I think I will trying adding several instances of plugins to see if there is any sense in this.

All was running great until I upgraded to Pro 8 and added the UR44.