Lack of pasting Japanese lyrics is expelling Japanese Dorico users (who engrave lead sheets)

Lack of pasting Japanese lyrics is expelling Japanese Dorico users (who engrave lead sheets) to Cubase.
(They were taught to use Cubase to make lead sheets, but to me it is far less efficient than using Dorico to make high quality lead sheets… except lyrics input.)

I know you Dorico team have your reasons of prioritizing the sequence of function development.
I am just addressing this fact here to let you people beware of that.
Is this what YAMAHA Japan really want to see?

(If I am not wrong, by checking the Dorico 3.5 manual it shows that pasting CJK lyric contents is still problematic in Dorico 3.5.0)

What’s the problem with pasting Japanese lyrics, Shiki? You mean the fact that Dorico doesn’t automatically paste each ideograph from the clipboard to each rhythmic position and advance automatically? Or something else?

I embolded the issue from the quoted text above.
I tested in Dorico 3.5.0 release:

For pure-latin contents in clipboard (only half-width characters are used), Dorico behaves well in doing that. (ex.: copy something like “a i u e o” and continue pressing CMD+V produces ideal results, seeing each content section (separated by spaces) were put per note.)

For CJK contents (including Japanese contents), Dorico was doing well in Dorico 1 and 2, but is not doing well since Dorico 3.0 till now 3.5.0 release. (ex.: copy something like “あ い う え お” or “あ い う え お” and continue pressing CMD+V won’t produce the same ideal results.)

It occurred to me that we have discussed this before, if I remembered right. I just forgot when and where did we have such discussion.
Never the less, in manuals of Dorico 3.0:

You cannot currently copy/paste lyrics containing Chinese, Japanese, or Korean characters. This is planned for future versions.

Will a fix for this issue be available in the next update before Dorico 4?

It’s not ideal, but you can add a dummy lyric below each note (like “a”), right-click and select Edit > Lyrics > Edit Line of Lyrics… and paste the CJK text there. See this page for details:

Thanks. This workaround looks perfect.

In principle we’d like to make this feature available to users writing in CJK scripts, but there is quite a bit of complexity inherent in this kind of thing, due to the vagaries of text encoding. Even the workaround suggested here by JesterMusician may not work reliably depending on the encoding of the text you are using. Whether the text is encoded as UTF-8 or UTF-16 and which specific space character is used (there are 25 different whitespace characters defined in the Unicode standard). We could even potentially take the approach of ignoring whitespace altogether and automatically pasting the next character at the next position, but this also requires that different text encodings are handled gracefully.

All of this is possible, of course, but it is non-trivial and takes time. Hopefully we can put some more time into this area in future.

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At this moment I guess Dorico can only treat U+3000 and U+0020 as spaces for parsing lyric contents from Clipboard and the batch lyric input box.
Others are too unpopular to be used in lyrics.

Regarding UTF-8 and UTF-16, I guess an option can be placed in Dorico Preferences to do any of the following choices:

  1. Specifically treat lyrical data input as UTF-8 (including Clipboard);
  2. Specifically treat lyrical data input as UTF-16 (including Clipboard);
  3. Do nothing specific to lyrical data encoding identification.

This situation still has no changes in Dorico 4.3.11.
One of the links I posted above is expired. Here’s the new link for both Dorico 3 and 4.3.11:
Copying/Pasting lyrics (
Copying and pasting lyrics (