Lag on audio for a few seconds when pressing play or pause

Hi all,

I’m having trouble at the moment and I can’t seem to find the answers anywhere. Basically, in one project (not all), I get a few seconds delay when pressing play on everything, as in, I press play… nothing happens for a few seconds… and then the track plays. When I press stop, all the midi stops at the right moment but the audio files keep playing for a few seconds before shutting off. It’s very frustrating.

  1. I’ve checked the plugins I’m using for latency and disabled everything that had a number next to it (mostly Izotope plugins) but that hasn’t resolved it unfortunately. Also, using lots of Izotope plugins in other applications doesn’t cause this to happen.

  2. I have a several midi tracks (again, not usually a problem) but I’ve disabled all of the ones I am not using.

  3. Something I have in this project that I don’t normally do is a lot of changes in tempo and time signatures, could this have an effect?

Looking forward to your responses, thank you!

Ok, so I managed to solve this but I don’t really know why it was happening in the first place!

My guitar tracks were causing the issue. I don’t know what caused them, but I created brand new tracks for the guitar parts and moved the audio into those tracks, and that seemed to solve the issue somehow!

dodgy plugin ?..

Possibly - I mainly use the inhouse Steinberg plugins except for a few Izotopes - I removed these cos I thought they might be causing the issue. In the end I had VST Amp Rack, Revelation, and a bit of EQ on it, and the issue was still occuring! So I created brand new tracks with pretty much the same plugins active and it all worked again!

good news - file that one under ‘mystery’