Lag on note input

I’ve searched the forum pretty extensively and I’ve seen a couple things regarding lag on note input, but not exactly this.

I notice a consistent half-second (or slightly more) delay between pressing a key and seeing the note appear in the score. This is completely independent of any audio coming from NP (I typically mute audio during note input anyways). It also doesn’t matter if I am using a MIDI keyboard or using the laptop keyboard.

This delay really wears on me when I’m trying to move quickly. Especially if I want to enter a rapid sequence of notes. I literally have to finish entering the notes, then watch the cursor move across the screen to draw the notes.

Laptop is plenty powerful enough. No other programs open. Has anyone experienced this? Suggestions?

How big is your project? In the flow you’re working on, how many players/instruments, how many bars? How big is your screen resolution? How many displays do you have? Do you have the window stretched out across multiple displays? Is the delay consistent in all projects, or is one particularly laggy?

If there is a project where you find note input particularly slow, then please email it to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de. Include details of the specific player, bar etc. you’re inputting. If you can easily make a screen recording of the whole screen as well, then please send that e.g. via WeTransfer. And finally also please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report, and include the zip file created on your desktop.

Thanks Daniel. This is not at all a large project. Piano, choir, five string parts. Less than 100 bars. The lag has been present (and identical) on all projects for me, big or small.

I am using a high-DPI (4K) laptop. All other aspects of navigating and using the program are pretty zippy though.

If this behavior is consistent across all projects, I imagine bundling something up for you would probably not be helpful.

I think it would probably be helpful. It could well be just the number of pixels that Dorico is pushing, but without hard data I can’t say for sure.

Thanks, l’ll send that data to you.

I’m having similar issue with lag on input. Here’s a short clip, shared from my OneDrive.!AriKcCSmpi4gjc0s0mdiVGj38ZUFNw

It looks the same on both my computers:

  • MacBook Pro Late 2009, 30" (2560x1600), SSD
  • Custom PC, i7, 8770k, 43" 4k.

This specific project is for a wind orchestra, 60 bars.

I suspect in your case, Mats, it will indeed be the large number of pixels Dorico is pushing. Can you try e.g. making the window half the size or zooming in a lot closer to see if that makes any difference?

One thing that may give us more information is to create a diagnostic report from the Help menu, which leaves a file called on the desktop, and attach here. This contains some timing information which may make it possible to see what’s happening. Try reproducing the slowdown and then create the report.

Daniel, I tried zooming in the window, not use full screen view and also change the screen resolution from 3840x2160 to 1900x1080 without any effect.

Here’s the diagnostics file, I hope I did it right.
Dorico (1.02 MB)

I can see that it’s the time taken to process each note which is slow here, rather than the drawing or screen resolution. I suspect that there’s something in your score that’s causing more things to be reprocessed than usual. Does it happen for all scores or just one?

Are you able to attach it here (or if not can you mail it to me at p dot walmsley (a) steinberg dot de)?

Thanks for looking Paul!

I wonder if this has anything to do with my OneDrive, since I’m working on different places and different computers (both Mac and PC)

Yes, most projects ends up like this as they grow larger. I’d really like to know if there’s something i’ve done wrong that causes this lag. I’ll email you the file right away.

Thanks again.
/ M :slight_smile:

I am also experiencing a problem of extreme lag and non responsiveness when using midi for note input.
This happened only since upgrade to Dorico 2.1

running Windows 10
Novation LaunchKey Mini

Ella, try switching off View > System Track if you’re in galley view. This will be fixed in the forthcoming minor bug fix update (hopefully to be released this coming week).

I just installed the trial version, and I am also having this problem. However, I am having an additional problem where if I input notes quickly using a midi keyboard, they enter as a chord. There is a video here:

Any suggestions? I absolutely love the way Dorico is constructed, but this makes it unusable. Any help is greatly appreciated!

2016 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

That’s quite bizarre! I’ve not seen anything like that happen before. Would you be able to run a MIDI monitor and capture that input so that we can see what Dorico is receiving? NI have a very useful guide on how to do that here.

Thanks so much for your reply. I have done that and found the problem. My controller was outputting a ton of constant fluctuations in pitch bend values. It must have clogging Dorico’s midi input. It’s working as expected now. I have to say - I am blown away by the work you have done in Dorico. The way the program is laid out is so intuitive. I’m a long-time Finale user and wow did you get so many things right with Dorico. Excited to see what the future holds. I’ll definitely be purchasing.

I’m relieved to hear that you were able to resolve the problems with your keyboard, and I’m delighted that you’re enjoying your exploration of Dorico so far. If anything else comes up, please don’t hesitate to post here and we’ll be glad to try to help.