Lag, selecting harmonics, feedback

Hi there! I’m a big fan and longtime user of SLP, so it was awesome to see it integrated with Cubase. I have a few thoughts/requests for the new selection system and overall workflow of version 6.0:

  • The “Harmonics Selection” tool becomes extremely laggy if I select anything beyond 2 seconds and 10 partials. Say I have a simple melody that goes for 5s and 20 partials… the program almost stops responding. I appreciate that you went for the Photoshop traced line selection style and, as a heavy Photoshop user, that’s pretty cool and useful, but it’s also killing performance. Please improve it or bring the previous selection method back, at least as an option until you have the new system fleshed out. I’ve tried switching DirectX to OpenGL, enabled the “prefer maximum performance” profile in the NVIDIA Control Panel (GTX 1070 8GB, Windows 10 Pro) but no luck, still very choppy and laggy.

  • I can’t find the Tolerance and Maximum Width sliders for the “Frequency/Harmonics Selection” tools (mentioned on page 45 of the manual). On previous versions, I worked blazing fast by just clicking a frequency and having SLP select it for me. The new method is cool but could we have both options?

  • Is it possible to have the “Selection Brush” and “Rectangular” tools to also select partials? (similar to RX) It would be amazing to freely sculpt a selection and have it reflected on other partials. I find very counterproductive and tedious to clean each partial at a time.

  • Please add a keyboard shortcut for Frequency AND Harmonics. While at it, why not have shortcuts for every single tool? The current “click and hold” approach kills me.

  • It would be fantastic if we could right-click a selection and have the option to copy/cut to a new layer or existing one (drop-down list).

  • “Load/Save Selection” options are gone when I close a project.

All of the above is relevant to both standalone and ARA2 versions. There may be a few other things but that’s what really gets on my way while working. It’s worth noting that I did not have a single crash with the new version, so that’s great.

Thanks and all the best! :slight_smile:

Hi ! Glad you enjoy the software :slight_smile:
The next patch will bring several speed improvements to the new selection engine.
On the other points, we’ll see what kind of improvements can be made in theses areas in future revisions.

+1. Exactly what I was thinking!

a.k.a. “marching ants”. Looks cool, but as the animation only starts after the selection is made, it’s of limited benefit and with lots of harmonics selected, it actually confuses the display as well as killing performance. At least make an option to turn off the animation please.

Thanks, Robin! I appreciate your input and hope to see SLP blossom into something even better. Steinberg better take good care of you :angry:

Any ETA for the first patch?

Should be coming in 2 weeks.

Excellent news, more so for the responsiveness to feedback here.

At other arenas, community supported development shows best results. Being at 2019, hope this forum favors
the engagement a complex tool like SL deserves.

yes, thanks for the direct involvement - that adds lots of value to the product and was one of the reasons I decided to get onboard (much like PG in the wavelab forum)

I wish the cubase/nuendo team would learn from that too - they tend to treat their users as an annoying adversary rather than their paying customers…hence their customers tend to see them in the same light.