Laggy GUI - 10.5.12

Anyone have any idea what I could do to alleviate some of the latency I’m experiencing with 10.5.12. I just upgraded today and the difference between 10 to 10.5 is astonishing.

It takes roughly 4-6 seconds for Cubase to actually create a new track (from the time I click Add Track) and roughly 4-6 seconds if I alt+drag an audio file off onto its own track. I’ve never experienced anything like this before with Cubase so I’m sort of lost where to go from here. My computer is completely adequate and I’m current on all of my software.

Worth noting, this is on a completely fresh project as well, no background processes going on with Windows 10 and I am on the High Performance/Steinberg Power Plan.

Edit: This also seems to affect the time it takes to delete tracks, undo changes, etc, as well.

2nd Edit: Disabling CR seems to help?

Sonarworks and Cubase don’t seem to like each other, even with it disabled or even bypassed, in either control room or the master bus Cubase is completely rendered unusable. This was never an issue before, and trashing my preferences hasn’t helped one bit.