Laggy MIDI mapped channel faders - Cubasis 3.4.3

I have the knobs on my Alesis MIDI controller mapped to channel faders (via a CCK), and have a constant issue with lag and “stiction” when trying to control faders. The faders will respond to the input in a rough manner and suddenly ‘jump’ to where they should have been. For example, I will turn knob from 63 to 67, but Cubasis jumps from 49 to 67 instantly, without the increments in between. If I set the knob to 0 (min) or 127 (max) too quickly, the fader will stop short and then finally jump to the proper position after a second or two. This is not just a visual bug, the sound level will also jump around dramatically, which is quite unsatisfactory.

If I map my MIDI controller to the pan control on the same fader channel or another knob elsewhere in Cubasis, it behaves just as expected (totally accurate real-time polling of MIDI input). The issue only seems to affect the faders, and it seems more of a lag issue than any apparent MIDI latency.

If I record my fader changers, on playback it’s mostly smooth again! Although it still isn’t 100% as input.

I’ve restarted, reset, reinstalled. The issue is consistent and persists on a fresh single-track project with no instruments, plug-ins or audio loaded.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Hi @freakoutski,

Thanks for you message.

Please add more information about your devices in use (iPad or Android device, OS version).



Hi Lars, thanks for the response .

I’m using an iPad 9th gen (2021), running iPadOS 16.1.1 ( public latest).

Cubasis 3.4.3 (was formerly LE, but purchased full unlock).

MIDI controller is an Alesis VI 61, which is class compliant. Connected via USB to lighting port with adapter.

I tried an alternative MIDI controller (iRig Pads, class compliant) connected directly via the lightning port. This controller is has a linear MIDI fader as well as rotary ones, and the same behaviour is occurring, very poor fader tracking.

I’m attempting to attach a clip of me moving a fader as smoothly possible.


Hi @freakoutski,

Thanks for the additional info, wich has been shared with the team.


Hi @freakoutski,

Our engineers added the bug report to the backlog.

Thanks again