Laissez vibrer across barlines...?

I’d like to reproduce this, any idea how to notate laissez-vibrer ( l.v) across the barlines?

Grab a couple of extra voices.
Place tied notes that straddle the barline.
Set them to use your custom Invisible Notehead Set (search the forum for how to do that).
Set them to suppress playback, Hide Stems, Hide Ledger Lines.
Remove Rests (except for the default Voice 1 ones).
Manually set the rest position of the whole bar to Rest pos. 2.

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Thanks for the quick reply Leo, will try.

I did it! but I tried another approach:

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Oh. I guess you used the original voices and lengthened the ties manually. You’re missing the bar rests from the source.

True, but arguably it makes more sense without them, assuming the sustain is depressed throughout.

If you don’t mind me asking: what, precisely, did you do?

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My suspicion is that it’s two tied chords (one downstem one upstem) over the initial barline. Either the same chord continues through the entirety of the thing, with ties manually adjusted in Engrave mode, or there are separate chords over subsequent barlines as in my previous suggestion.

(How did I come to this supposition? The visible chords have their ledger lines hidden.)


for the ties you’ll need to manually move them:

Thanks for your feedback friends.

Your visible chords are still missing their ledger lines.


(And you’ve still not confirmed what you’ve actually done.)

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haha!! will fix it… thanks :smiley:

Here’s the score guys! you can investigate what I’ve done :wink:

TIE OVER BARLINE.dorico (697.4 KB)

Ah ok - white noteheads. I try not to recommend colouring things white, primarily as I don’t like printing in colour and I don’t like people spotting artefacts in my PDFs.

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