Laissez vibrer thickness

Is there any way to edit the thickness of “laissez vibrer” -ties only? I’m aware of the option to change the tie thickness in general and just want to make sure I’m not overlooking something.

Since l.v - ties are often quite short, I find them a little bit too thick for my taste, but I might just be a little nit-picky.

No. Although I find them too short, and I tend to set minimum length to somewhere around 3, which makes them look more proportionate in thickness.

Good call! I think I already made them a bit longer from what I can remember, but I’ll try experimenting with the length a bit more.

Dan, do you have to set this for each new file in Engraving Options, or have you found a way to make the extended length a default (other than working from a default file)?

I always work from a “template” file anyways. But I don’t see why “Save as Default” wouldn’t work.

Save As Default within Engraving Options is something I had never used (noticed) before. Thank you for pointing it out. (I had been looking for a star as in Playing Techniques.)