lame crashing WL E7

Hi there,

it’s been awhile…

First a thank you to PG for his continous dedication to this program,
Installation of WL Elements 7.2 (incl. x64) went fine here on Win Vista x64.

No big showstoppers for me so far, but today I run into one crash now while trying to render
a wav-file with lame as a mp3 encoder (both with x86 and x64 versions).
As soon as I choose lame as an encoder, WaveLab Elements 7 crashes.
Can anyone else confirm ?


You’re right about Lame :frowning: I don’t know how we did not catch this one. This is on Windows only.

Ah, s**t just happens, Philippe,

I more or less just stumbled by chance about it, while configuring the x64 version right now…

Is it also on WL Elements only, or also full version?

Luck, Arjan

All versions on windows. In WaveLab, you can use the Frauhoffer codec, though.
In fact, this is a problem with the dialog, not with the Lame encoding.
This means, if you have a preset using the Lame encoder (done with WaveLab <= 7.1), then you can use it in 7.2 without problem (ie. you don’t need to open the MP3 parameter dialog).

Wow - I use this on masse everyday for everything. All my voiceover stuff goes thru LAME MP3…and I do not wish to chance the fact that it may or may not work if I don’t touch the dialog (which I do a lot as well)

So 7.2 is a definite no-go for me now.


wow… this is not a good thing indeed.
I use lame encoding almost every day but i didn’t use it yet because i didn’t have to last friday.
It looks like tomorrow i have to go back to 7.10 again… … :imp: