Lame ruler behavior, am I the only one? Please advice

Am I the only one who suffer with this dump ruler+mouse behavior.
It’s impossible to drag the ruler on the top timeline or zoom in/out with moving mouse up/down, by holding the ruler, it getting unpredictable zooms, jumps, glitches and all other nasty stuff.
I reported it a while ago. This issue is here since Cubase 7, and still no fix for it in 9.0.10!
How do you guys go around it? It’s not bothering you at all? Or you don’a have this issue?
This is a huge workflow killer.
please share your experience

Here is video demonstrations:

My current workaround for this is to disable “Zoom while Locating in Time line” under Preferences-Transport menu.
But the thing is that I used to use that zoom feature a lot!!!

It has been reported here:

You can add your thoughts there.

Never use it, far to unpredictable. I have a bunch of keys set up on IC pro for all kind of zooming including the MemZap thingy.

I created that thread :slight_smile:
Since there is no official responce (as usual) and no fixes for it, I was wondering maybe not everyone having this issue. It used to work perfectly and smooth on cubase 5 and 6, those days are long gone

Oh… Yes, everyone is having this issue. This thread is pointless, sorry.

It´s not a bug. It´s a new behavior.
And there are so many great Zoom commands in Cubase - It is more practical and saves a lot mouse clicks…
For the old behavior: hold SHIFT + mouse up/down in timeline.

I oppose that though. Please defend this glitching as intended, even remotely useful behaviour:

I don’t understand your vid, unfortunately. It looks like it works fine, except when you click drag in the inspector area?

Can someone type out a repro please?

The transport cursor detaches from the mouse cursor. If this is a feature, then for example if the transport cursor is on the right and you move it relatively to the left your mouse can end up hovering over the track names area. This would be fine as a feature.

However, if you zoom in and out over that area the view glitches out - not sure what happens. Therefore the transport cursor detaching from the mouse has no benefit compared to the old behaviour and just seems broken.

Repro to get what’s in the animation

  1. Zoom in and out by dragging over the cursor. Keep holding the mouse button for all steps.
  2. Try to drag the transport cursor to the left until your mouse ends up over the track name area.
  3. While continuing to hold the mouse button, zoom in and out by dragging up and down.
    => Chaos

Thanks for that. Just to clarify, “transport cursor” is the thin vertical white line across the audio/MIDI clips, what could be called the play head cursor?

If so, yes, that would be great to be able to drag it left/right. I’ve gotten so used to having to reposition the play head cursor by reclicking instead that it never occurred to me to drag. Even though another program I have does just that, even acting as an audition play head (in both directions)!

Apologies if I’m still misunderstanding you.

Yep, that’s what I mean.

You can reposition the playhead by dragging over the ruler, but if you then zoom in and out the playhead can detach from your mouse. From that point on you kind of remote control it.

This is already a bit weird, but fair enough. The problem comes when you have to move your mouse outside the bounds of the ruler while you are remote controlling that playhead. Then the zooming spazzes out. All this points towards it being half finished, and inferior to the old behaviour.

I just did this repro, and did not have “=> Chaos”, the zoom behavior seemed consistent, whether the mouse pointer was in the inspector area or over the audio/MIDI clips area of the project. I did this test with audio in the project, and did the down drag (and up, and back and forth) in the inspector area very slowly and smoothly, and the audio display seemed to zoom in and out appropriately. I didn’t notice anything wrong when I went at faster speeds either.

alexis, this is what I posted in the other thread:

Please note this bug report itself is about the fact that the playhead detaches from the mouse at all. I only further prove how broken this is, whether you can recreate that or not.

(Since for some reason OP made this thread twice I now have to answer twice…)

I see, thank you for the clarification!

I understand getting confused with multiple threads and multiple issues. I didn’t mean to hijack that bug report though.

Please don’t blame me for creating this thread once again. Since not much people hanging around ISSUES area, I wanted to bring more attention to this problem and see if someone has good workaround for it.