LAME uninstall


I had an old version of LAME encoder and decided to install the latest pre-compiled version 3.99.5 from In the render window in Wavelab it still appeared as v.3.98. I uninstalled everything using the provided uninstaller that deletes the following files:


as well as deleting everything LAME left (as well as Wavelab cache folder) from the Finder (Macintosh HD -> system files -> are included) but it still appears in the Wavelab mp3 encoding options together with Fraunhofer. Is there any special Wavelab related file I should delete (or any other system file I missed)?

I use Mac OS 10.7.4

Lame is installed inside the bundle. This is where you have to look.


I deleted it from the Wavelab Contents /System folder and now I get a LAME option that does not include a version number. I guess Wavelab finds the general LAME codec from the Mac system right? Or do I need to install the latest libmp3lame.dylib in the contents /system again?

WaveLab looks in priority in the bundle, then in some other places. To be sure, put it in the WaveLab bundle.