Lamps of the Steinberg office

Hi all,
Steinberg recently moved into a new office space here in Hamburg. And what do HALion guys do first when they enter a new facility? They check out how the hanging lamps sound like. Luckily our new lamps sound awesome and every kitchen has 5 of them. So on a Friday afternoon when it got quit in the office we took a field recorder and sampled the lamps, played with a drum stick in 3 velocities and an alternate, processed it in the wavetable, added some effects, took a picture of the kitchen, created a macro page and here you go:

The tuning is not perfect and don’t expect to have factory library quality here. This is just some office fun…

Download here
VST Sound

You need to have at least HALion Sonic SE 3 installed and then just register the VST Sound file by double-clicking to your HALion library.

And this is what it looked like…

Cheers from Hamburg,

ROTFL – You light up my life! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :

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