Lan Lianhua - a Chinese cover (licensed)

Rather bold of me to take this on I think but I thought it would be fun to try! :smiley:
I heard this song in a local Chinese Restaurant one night and commented to my wife that I quite liked this guys sound (unlike most other Chinese pop I get subjected to LOL ) She subsequently enquired with the waiter as to who it was.
Anyway long story short, I had a bit of time to spare so I looked the song up and decided to see if I could do a version of it… modelled on the original. Kind of ironic I guess that my first cover song I’ve ever recorded myself singing is in Chinese! :open_mouth: While I’m familiar with a good number of the words, actually singing the Mandarin proved to be extraordinarily difficult… breathing and phrasing in that language was really quite a challenge I found.

So, an initial mix where I’ve aimed for a fairly FX-rich approach on the vocal - though I’m not entirely happy with the result so far :confused:

Lan Lianhua

My wife has always thought I was a dreadful singer and much prefers it when I don’t! :laughing: But this moved her to tears. I have a general understanding about what I’m singing but obviously not with the same cultural depth and meaning that she gets from it. She now thinks I should always sing in Chinese! :astonished: (that’s not gonna happen!)

This raises an interesting question though - is ones perception of someones singing ability directly linked to the meaning they derive from the words being sung? And if so, if she fully understood the lyrics of all the other songs I do in English would she like my singing more?? Hmmm…

Hi Ian- nice work as usual, although perhaps I agree that you could ease up on the vocal effects.

With regard to your “interesting question”- The music I like listening too usually includes a lot of the Gaelic language. I can’t speak a single word of Gaelic but I love listening to it being sung. And the accompanying melodies and harmonies convey as much meaning to me as the lyrics themselves.

Prime example - “Ailein Dunn” by Capercaille. This song moved me so much that I ended up using an on line translator to figure out what the lyrics meant. And the tune fitted them perfectly.

Anyhows- congrats on your first cover, especially in another language.

Hi Ian,

wow, I’d never dare to sing in Chinese…
My native language (Norwegian) is pretty far from it :wink:

I think you got a nice and open sound.
Something’s a little bit out of time. Either the acoustic guitar or the drums.
Good vocals!

Anyways, a nice melody and a good job overall.


Im really impressed, Ian, hats off to ya! :sunglasses:

Wow. Not bad at all Mr Rushton. I like the vocal processing, I think it’s nigh perfect for this style. Not keen on the drums as usual :unamused: :smiley: Not enough impact on the snare. Are you using brushes there?
Great stuff :sunglasses:

Nice, Ian. I can see why you were drawn to this song, since it’s not that far off, stylistically, from what you normally do. I think the vocal sounds fine, delivery-wise, and with the effect. It’s an appropriately simple production and I think you served the song well. My only nits are some of those errant(to me) hihat and ride hits
on the outro (3:09, 3:12, 3:16, etc)

Perhaps some titillating pillow talk in Chinese would pay you some big dividends. :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:
I checked out “Ailein Dunn” by Capercaille by the way - beautiful. I used to listen to a lot of Celtic stuff years ago, obvious bands like Clannad etc. :sunglasses:

Cheers :slight_smile: I’ll no doubt have this one under the ‘microscope’ again for another round of fine-tuning.

:slight_smile: Thanks!

Cheers Phil. :slight_smile: I know I’ll never win you over with my drum choices so I aint even gonna try! :laughing: No brushes were harmed in the making of this track :wink:

Yeah… I guess so… both progression and melody feel familiar. :sunglasses:

Ok, will check those. :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, got that sorted years ago :wink: …and this song certainly proved a shagworthy effort. :laughing:

That’s pretty cool, singing in Chinese. I think it sounds good, and I like the effect on the voice. I also like the acoustic guitar. Do you play the same thing on left side and right side, I couldn’t tell?

Well done Ian. I checked out the original version and you have matched it
really nicely.

My only crit is the fuzz guitar, which sounds ever-so-slightly out of tune.
Can you run it through a pitch gizmo?

I also have two songs in Putonghua (private releases only :laughing: )…and each
commanded outstanding “returns”. :wink:



My only crit is the fuzz guitar, which sounds ever-so-slightly out of tune.
Can you run it through a pitch gizmo?

Bugga! Out of tune? Bloody thing is never in tune even when I painstakingly tune it! :imp: Easy enough to retrack.

I also have two songs in Putonghua (private releases only > :laughing: > )…and each
commanded outstanding “returns”. > :wink: >

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

And I just noticed this on Soundclick:

» highest in sub-genre: # 2 (13,797 songs currently listed in Pop > Cover Songs)

Something oddly ironic about that! :laughing:

:laughing: Now I can retire!

Nice work Ian.


Sounds good, Ian.
I agree with Jet about the fuzz guitar though, it sounds a bit off…

But many kudos for singing in Chinese! :sunglasses:


bold for sure but you pulled it off bigtime, excellent job on the vocal work. couldn’t help thinking maybe some kind of chinese instrument in there somewhere might have worked. I liked the moogish synth add to.
well baked!

Ta :slight_smile: It certainly was a fun wee challenge! Still at #1 I see :laughing:

Hi Ian!

My ignorance of Chinese music knows no bounds. :smiley:

My only experience with Western interpretation of Chinese art is Mahler’s setting of Chinese poems in his Das Leid von der Erde. That being a late-romantic piece (albeit a masterpiece) it’s festooned with pentatonics and other oriental accoutrements. Pentatonics prevail in this piece, too (I assume from the original) but I’m glad that otherwise you’ve made it your own! :sunglasses:

Nice! :exclamation:

You’re not missing much as far as contemorary Chinese pop goes! :laughing: I find it, as a general statement, to be far too sanitised and insipid for my tastes. But that said, I have been exposed to a few artists that I can comfortably listen to without any overt signs of nausea :wink: Xu Wei, who originally performed this one, I can tolerate for the most part. :sunglasses:


…and absolutely ALL of the Canto-pop crap that
is produced here in Da Kong. Taiwanese artists are better singers and far more imaginative, but
a dangerous percentage of them, too, are pretty much saccharine in a sack.

Here, if it’s pink, sweet, airbrushed and soft-focussed (musically and visually) it’s a hit.

So true.

And… I did discover Cui Jian, who has a a worthy amount of credibility… considered something of a pioneer of Chinese (political) Rock back in the 80’s.

Here, with the Stones is worth a look:

And, I’ve been in recent years been ‘subjected’ to some of those that have modelled themself on him, some of which I also find reasonably palatable. Dao Lang is an example, and while some of his stuff is a bit too ‘mandopop’ for my tastes, some other songs really are quite tasteful I thought. :sunglasses: