Lane "Clean Up" of unused audio regions.

I would like to be able to have a feature to remove all muted/unused parts in lane mode.

This would make cross fades, breath edits, etc much easier once you have your comp done. It’s hard to believe this doesn’t already exist, as it can be maddening trying to edit your take together after a comp.

Yeah, one of my Annual Requests.

Lanes very quickly turned into a -mess-.

good FR, but meanwhile its possible to use “delete overlap” function to clean the track…(i use it all the time after comping done )(maybe you can program the logical editor or create macro to delete muted parts etc if needed)

What I do all the time is to duplicate track version after finishing comp the takes, then I delete overlap on one version, and voilá… :wink:

One thing… I often end up with multiple clips on top of one another on a single Lane… I wish this was simply not allowed by the software. IOW: one clip per lane. I always worry a little that Delete Overlaps might accidentally trim something I don’t want trimmed. Maybe it’s not an issue in practice, but I hate having Cubase remove -anything- that may be hidden from view.