Lane comping question

Does the new lane comping feature automatically crossfade the selected takes? The videos I’ve seen sound flawless but do not go into great detail.

And if so, can the settings for these crossfades be manipulated?

And I apologize if this was an easy question to find the answer too, I tried searching forums. :smiley:

By default Cubase has autofades whihc work fine for most tasks

just tested… no theres no xfading when comping

I think I may need to reword my question. Sorry :slight_smile:

lets say you have a 40 seconds of bass.

you use the first take for the first 20 seconds and then want to use the last 20 seconds from take 5.

does cubase crossfade these audio events or is there an audible “cut”?
in the videos it sounds perfect, but I was curious if there are settings for those crossfades.
Or are the settings for the autofade of waves what affects this feature?

I have a hard time wording this question correctly. lol

thank you so much.

Wouldn’t you want to crossfade when assembling a take?

Seems like a feature we should have…

That’s what I was thinking.

But it sounded pretty flawless everywhere I’ve heard it used so far, even in the middle of takes that you’d expect some kind of pop or click even if it’s almost inaudible.

Maybe it’s the autofade working, but I’d like to know.