Lanes - available in Cubase Elements 8?

I bought Cubase Elements 7 some time ago and was really disappointed that it didn’t come with the Lanes feature whereby you can record multiple takes on one track and then comp between each take.

Is this available in the new Cubase Elements 8?

I bought Elements 7 thinking this was a standard feature so was really fed up to be told it would cost me close to another £200.00 to have that feature. Surely this has been added to Elements 8?

Of course, like Elements 7, there is no mention of this in the product specification.

Appreciate the advice, thank you.

Elements 8 does not have lanes.

What version/s do, and where would you find this out? I see no mention of “Lanes” in the comparison details for each product.

Thank you.

I can’t see mention of lanes or lane recording in any of the product comparison charts for the Cubase products.
Without knowing which products have it, it’s impossible to know what I need to do to get it. Sigh.

Would appreciate any advice offered. It appears that purchasing Elements 7 was just the wrong product but, if features such as lanes aren’t detailed in ANY of the product specifications then how do you know if you are, or are not, getting it?

Tad frustrating.

I’m 90% certain that Cubase Artist supports both lanes and comping. I can confirm later when I’m at home. (I have separate Pro and Artist licenses, for different computers.)

Just posting to confirm that yes, Artist has lanes and comping.

What manual do get with Elements?

If you download the full Cubase manual, Pro 8 only features are clearly marked. I presume that all other features in that manual are available in Artist…that’s one way you could work out which upgrade you want.

Elements/AI/LE share a manual and Pro/Artist share a manual. In order to see which Pro/Artist features are or aren’t in the others you have to cross-reference between the two manuals.