Lanes - best way to create areas of silence with high counts of takes

I find making areas of “silence” when working with lanes is kind of a pain in the butt… How are you guys handling it?

For example, if I have like 20 takes of a vocal… and I’ve found the take I like most… so I drag the left side of the event over to get rid of the noise before the vocalist starts singing… but then a different take becomes active so I still hear the noise before the vocalist sang - from a different take. What’s the best way to create an area of silence?

The best thing I can come up with, is mute ALL takes completely… then start unmuting things to make the things I want to hear active…


If you have 5 lanes and cut them into sections across all Lanes, i.e. all the cuts are aligned then:

  1. Using the Select (arrow) Tool to change the length will change it only on that Lane.
  2. Using the Comp (hand) Tool to change the length will change it on all the Lanes.

Same goes for cutting alt+Select splits a single lane, or if you cut the Track it will split all lanes. Alt+Comp will split all lanes if you cut either a lane or the Track.

Doing this you’ll likely end up with a bunch of small-ish Audio Events which are not aligned to bar lines. You can either put them into an Audio Part or Render In Place to keep the comped bits in alignment with each other and also create Parts that are aligned with bar lines.

I’ll keep experimenting with this… just find it frustrating sometimes. Maybe I can come up with some ideas/suggestions that will be helpful.