Lanes/Comp-mode, zoomed-in-close, causes sluggishness?

Has anyone noticed the GUI goes all sluggish in Lanes/Comp mode if you are zoomed in past about 50%?

(I don’t mean screen refresh is a little slower because of waveform detail. I mean even changing tools takes about 1sec.)

Has anyone else experienced this Lanes/Comp-mode sluggishness?

EDITED: for more precise description of the issue

PS: Apart from this bug(?) this mode rocks!

Can you give some more details?

  • How many tracks ?

  • How may tracks with lanes open ?

  • Which kind of tracks (Audio/Midi)

  • How many lanes visible ?

  • How many events per lane ?
    “if you are zoomed in past about 50%” -> You mean zoomed in to view more details?

  • Screen resolution

  • CPU

  • OS