Lanes - Delete inactive parts!

Hi all,
So when the comping is done I would like to delete all the inactive parts.
“Clean up lanes” does something different, so is there a quick way to do this?

I am making this a feature request since there is no easy way.

I would like to have the option to remove all inactive parts or move active ones to different lane or so.

There’s a function called delete overlaps. It is confusing and poorly implemented in my opinion. Collapse the lanes and click on the little arrow in the middle of the audio clips to get a context menu. I think there’s a key command too that sometimes works.

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Thank you , I will try that and see if it works as needed.

Bounce your finished comp… choose replace

No, it’s not good. I need to adjust all the crossfades beetween the comped parts, and if there are a bunch overlaps its getting too messy to edit. So if make all the edits then the bounce is easy.
I need the clean parts as they are and ready to be edited

It’s not working for miltiple events, when you choose all the events in a track and select this option it only removes the overlaps under a single event.

Do your in-, out-, and cross-fades before you bounce of course. I also do clip/event gain adjustments prior to bouncing.

PS. I do all this on the main track with the lanes view closed… My technique is to “lasso select” all events in the same location (this works very well when you, as in your photo, have all the splits at the same positions).
This results in a fade/crossfade (and clip gain etc) across all takes/lanes of course…but as you are only concerned with the finished top selection, it will prioritize that… After doing the above you can bounce your file.
PS. Try this on a test project or a copy of your main project first :wink:

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Like I said, poorly implemented. Try the key command for audio-delete overlaps. I think my shortcut is custom.

Yes I am familiar with the “delete overlaps”, it’s not working as it should and never did for multiple events, be it key command or menu.
I remember not working on grouped events or “group editing enabled” folders too.
I love Cubase but I am getting sick of it tbh.

So I guess there is not a single click “remove all inactive parts” option.
It would be so usefull and time saver option when working with lanes.
Maybe tomorrow…

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Just thinking out loud here… Are you familiar with the Project Logical Editor?
You can definitively make a Project Logical Editor preset that works… And then assign a key command of your choosing to that.

I am not at my studio computer right now, but I will look into it later today (even though my method above works very well… for me).

I 've done a few things with the PLE but tbh most of them will not work as I want. It is giving me a hard time. If you can give me a tip on how to do what I want I would be grateful.

I will be working into the late hours… but can look into it before I shut down the computer for the night.
I’ll try to upload a picture of the PLE preset settings I come up with… probably tomorrow morning.

I have tried to make a PLE Preset… But I only got a half automatic way to do it.
The problem being that in the Project Logical Editor I can’t find any script/command line that will select the inactive events (as they are NOT defined as muted).
Therefore you first have to first manually mute the inactive events > then select all, across all lanes > then run the PLE Preset.

The above is, to me, more clumsy than the method I have referred to earlier in this thread.

But if you want to try it, to see if it makes thing any easier on your part… go ahead.

WARNING! Test only on a copy/backup of your project or a test project. WARNING!

Anyway here is a pic of the preset I made. Best I could on this short notice :wink:

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Thank you for your time and effort, I will take it from there and see if I can make it work!

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