Lanes in Cubase LE 8


I’m learning Cubase now, since I got one with my Zoom recorder. New here, new to Cubase, but definitely not new to digital audio.


I can’t seem to get lanes working in Audio Part editor. I tried recording multiple takes, which produced multiple regions, which I managed to convert to lanes. But all but the last lane are grayed out and produce no sound, altho I can see them in the editor. They are not muted or anything, I’ve only done the steps I described. Nothing more.

This is driving me nuts. How do I use those lanes? Is this some stupid LE limitation? If so, would getting Elements fix this?

e_Okay I got so far as to make some of the lanes produce sound by deleting corresponding parts of other lanes. Still, I fail to grasp the functioning logic of lanes, and operation manual is of no guidance. It would be very nice to be able to mute and review those clips at free will, like they do in so many instructional videos. How do I go about with it?


Only one lane can be used (audible) at the time. To choose, which lane is active, click to the square bottom at the middle (of the event). Then this lane is audible.