Lanes/MIDI programming question

I have separated a guitar sequence into 4 lanes, all feeding into a single VST instance running multiple sub-instances of the same instrument using separate MIDI channels and it’s great because I can modify each “string” individually however when setting volume I don’t seem to be able to do it globally, that is with the new Steinberg velocity tools in the Key Editor.

Am I missing something here?

Not missing anything - I too would like to be able to select and edit multiple “layered” parts together in the key editor but there isn’t a way that I can find.

It would be nice if the new velocity tools were extended to encompass Lanes.

Steinberg software music sequencing technology is complex at the best of times but surely this is something that can be integrated into the application, otherwise what are lanes actually for when you click the lanes button all it does is stack parts and then you must re-select anyway when the obvious situation should be that all parts remain selected if they were so previously.