How do you create lanes from existing tracks?

what I do:

Move theme to the same tracks, then, open the lane fonction(on the track)and move the take to different lane.

Is there an easier way?

thank you

You mean entirely different tracks—Comping them together into one track with Lanes?
Yeah, you’d have to do that manually.

yes, that’s what I mean.
Thank you

You can learn by watching this video:

Just curious:
Why do you need to do this instead of doing takes in the one track?


I imported 5 or 6 drum loop (4 or 8 long), and comp between theme to create a unique drum part.

Right. Makes great sense.

like this:

Example: You record and stack lead vocals. Those takes are stacked in lanes like in the video. You select the best sections with the comp tool. Those sections will play as one track even if you don’t create a new track. But you have the option of creating a track from the sections you’ve selected with the comp tool. That’s up to you. Cheers

Oh OK. Yeah, it’d be awesome to have that feature at the click of a button.

I’ve done similar things using folder tracks. I right click and add all loops to a new folder, and use the overview-clip in the Folder Track to slice and dice, by using splice tool on that clip. Then just use mute tool to mute/unmute the resulting clips. Not quite as slick as using the newer Comp Tool, but it works.

You can move the loops to one track using Track versions(each to a different new version) and then use the key command Create Lanes form versions and the play with different comps.

The command is located in Project/Track Versions in the main menu at the top. There is also one for creating versions from lanes.