Laptop/PC for Cubase 8 Pro?


Was just wondering if anyone has any advice on whether I should get a PC or laptop for my new home studio set up? I’m getting Cubase 8 Pro, (also getting Komplete).

Are there any specific laptop/PC models that anyone can recommend?

Cheers :slight_smile:

There is an entire topic on this here:

In general: Laptops are less powerful then desktops, even when things like processor clock speed and number of cores are the same, you still have (most of the time) to take into account that these processor models are mobile models, with power saving options added. That being said: laptops are nowadays more then powerfull enough to complete an entire project on one machine. So things have to be seen in a context. In general also you can say that more is better, so more speed, more memory is better, but most of the times also more expensive.

If you need it for live perofrmances or need to be on the road, a desktop is a no-go, unless it is adapted to this kind of conditions. (vibrations, dust, moist, etc…) Laptops most of the time perform very well under these conditions since they can easily be shielded against it.

Stay away from gaming machines. Game machines are optimized for gaming, and that is with a focus on graphics performance. For a DAW a simple build in the processor intel graphics chip is more then enough.

Stay away from AMD if the budget allows you. The performance difference between intel and amd is huge. This being said, AMD machines can do the job perfectly, but i have seen many many people being very dissapointed with their amd at a clock frequency of 3 gig and more.

Get SSD for at least the operating system if possible. The difference is huge compared with traditional harddrives.

A computer used for a daw is more then a processor and ram. The audio card is very very important. It is better to save a little more for a decent audio interface, then have everything into the computer itself, and use the onboard sound system.

And it is always a good idea to look what pro-level computer sellers have on offer. Look at what they do or what they say about how a system should be build. And if you can afford it, you will likely have less trouble with your new gear then when you are going to build it yourself.


so FWIW, good luch with your purchase.

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