Laptop Suggestions?

So I have a decent enough desktop PC performance wise, but there are times when I need some portability; either to work on projects when I’m not at home or to demonstrate what I’m doing to others.

I’m budgeting around $900.00 US for a laptop. I already have a CI2+ I can use with it.

I’m looking for reliable performance more than the fastest speed.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks. Good starting point.

I’m particularly interested in those using Cubase 7. Looks like I see one in this list.

Thanks again.

Get a used/refurbished HP Elitebook. Plenty on ebay.


There’s a “sweet spot” price for laptops - or rather two of them.

Here in the UK, £350 will buy you a workhorse machine with an i3 processor, 4GB RAM, a 500GB hard drive…
Move up to £450 for an i5, 750 GB drive, 8GB RAM…

Beyond that, you’re buying a name, “features” or ultra-portability. A gamer may need a more powerful graphics card, we don’t. And remember, no manufacturer will sell you an extended warranty on a laptop beyond 3 years. That’s the design life - any more is a bonus. There’s nothing worth “investing” in - you’re buying 3 year’s usage.

A good one ist Lenovo Thinkpad W520. You can build up RAM to 32 gb an has a very fast i7 quad core with a speedy graphic board.

My daughter bought this for Adobe CS and recording with Cubase. It runs like hell!

Thinkpads are workhorses! Ver stable and great daw computers. My z61p still run fine using cubase 7.

Thinkpads and Elitebooks make the best DAW laptops, but the latter have extra ports (not to mention they’re dockable for even more) and they’re built to certified military standards, which means they will better endure some harshness, especially if you use them on stage. Of course Elitebooks are the some of the most expensive PC laptops you can buy, but since these are business machines and there is no HP cult (like with Apple), used and refurbished prices are extremely reasonable. A new Elitebook costs as much as a MBP, but you can get a used or refurbished one (and I’m talking i7 quad/Ivy Bridge) for $1,000 or so.