Laptop users

Hi guys, I’m considering buying a laptop for my DAW
For newer laptops are you guys experiencing any setbacks?

Pros and cons

I’m looking to have an i7 quad Core
An 8550u would be nice
Any other suggestions?

I was looking at a zenbook, Spectre, Lenovo, or Dell XPS
Prefer 14-15.6"


I hope that you get some responses from people who are running Cubase on an i7-8550U. I have the same interest. One question is: does the lower base clock cause any problems because the processor cannot spend all of its time in Turbo boost.

Yeah, I’d love to have a laptop but I don’t think they are worth it really. I can build my own PC for around 800 using top notch components. A used decent laptop with 7700hq would cost about 1100.00 maybe…
The amount cpu power you lose is substantial.

I decided to build in an inwin Chopin case. It’s tiny for portability. I don’t need a GPU because I’m not a gamer.
I’ve never had a problem with the Intel integrated GPU.

I built an i7 7700k
AsRock z270 fatal1ty gaming itx
16gb Ddr4 Ram
512 Nvme m.2
240 SSD
Possibly an extra ssd for storage
Chopin can hold two SSD
A noctua heatsink
I’ve had no heat issues and my power consumption
Is below 150w

I’m happy with the build

I am also thinking about this. i7 8550U
I have barely tested cubase 9 on a 8550U laptop. I am at this point slightly skeptical, but this should not carry much (any) weight cause I did not get to do enough testing. I might test out 9.5 later.

(My bad I found out surface pros do not use the i7 8550U as I can see)
There is also this guy testing all the surface products for audio production, maybe that will give some info.

I downloaded the Cubase 8.5 “eight good reasons” project and ran in 9.5 on a dell inspiration 17" 16 GB i7 8550. cpu use was between 50-60%. I had activated 64bit processing and the Audio Power Scheme. Asio guard normal. I think it would be strong enough for my use. but it is not super power powerful, is the way I see it.