Laptop Workflow

Hi all,

I’m looking for suggestions/thoughts/ideas/examples on how I might best utilize a laptop for my Cubase workstation. I have 2 computers. A pretty new Macbook Pro (Laptop) and an older Mac Pro (Tower/Workstation). My current plan is to use the more powerful laptop to drive cubase and then use VEP to utilize the Mac Pro. All good here. Where I find I am struggling is in trying to achieve some kind of fluid workflow when I am away from my studio (where I have different gear/monitoring) vs when I am in the studio. Also, in the studio I use an RME FF400 but away from the studio I use the onboard sound.

Do you think this will ultimately be more trouble that its worth? Would I be best just using the older less powerful Mac Pro as “static” setup and use the laptop in some other way? It’s sometime feeling like every time I sit down to get back to a project after changing environments I have to reinvent the wheel just to get everything working again.

What I’m trying to achieve is an ability to work seamlessly on the same project between environments. (Of course I realize that plugins on the Mac Pro won’t be available when away). Just looking for some ideas as to how this kind of setup has worked for those who use it and what might be worth considering while getting it all setup.



It depends, how your projects look like. Do you use virtual Instruments only? Or do you combine VIs and audio? In which relation? Could you work even without the connected Mac Pro then?

My sestup is MacBook Pro as “Master”, and Mac Pro as “Slave”, connected via VSL VE Pro. I’m using Virtual Instruments only. This solution works to me perfectly.

If you would decide to switch between computers, I would recommend to use Workspaces in Cubase, which keeps your windows on its positions. I don’t know, what lese you always need to set it up. VST Connections? I would recommend to use a Presets.