Large classical score will not export noteperformer audio

Hello to the forum,

I’m having a problem. I have a very large orchestral score [was a sibelius score that I exported as .xml file] that will not seem to export as audio using Noteperformer 3. Noteperformer works fine with playback, I also use a Garritan GFX piano for the piano part, but when I export it as a wave file, or mp3 the export icon comes up, but nothing seems to happen, but the mouse gives out the whirling blue circle, but nothing happens. It just whirls away while the 0% numeral does not change at all.

I tried exporting a score with smaller amounts of instruments that used Noteperformer and there was no problem - the audio exported.

I also tried using nothing but noteperfomer instruments [took away the GFX Garritan piano], but I still got no audio export.
I also tried the score using the default Halion instruments with the same score, and the same thing happened.
I did, with one of the tryouts, after closing the score, came across a little message saying something about RAM, but I clicked it off, and then later realized that was possibly causing the problem. However, I have 16 gigs of Ram and the score still plays back perfectly ok, so I’m wondering if it has something to do with the large number of instruments.

I went back to my Sibelius score, and got rid of any staffs with no instrument notes on them, and re-exported as an xml file and opened in Dorico. The score is only now, a classical orchestra size [it originally came from a score that had many other instruments, but these instruments were not used in this part of the arrangement], and set up noteperformer to work again. It still will not export the audio. I’m not sure what is going on.

Daniel, is it ok if I send you the score and see if you have similar problems with it?


Steve Martin

I’m still working on this issue. Have discovered what could be the problem. My original score in sibelius was an extract from a larger score, so I could edit it without having to open the whole huge score [not joking here!]. The opening bar number started at 720 as I reset it to the bar number of the original score. It’s opening in Dorico with the same bar number from the .xml file, so I’m thinking this could be the problem. I’m setting the original xml file from sibelius into having the starting bar as “1” not 720. See how I go with this now.

ok, that is not solving the problem.

I got the original score and did not take an extract from it in the original Sibelius score that I edited to make into an xml file, and it is now exporting that xml file opened in Dorico [and using noteperformer3] as audio. Why it will not export an extracted section from that score, I don’t know.
Well, that’s as far as I have got with this. so let’s hope I can get the extract from the Sibelius score to audio export also.

Steve, do you have repeat structures in the piece?

Do the bars come out correctly numbered when you import the XML?

Hi there,

thanks for your reply. There are no repeats in the score, and the bars are all correctly numbered. Maybe I should post the score?
What I’ve just done - this is taking me more than a few hours to try and work out what is going on here - well I tried this possible solution.

I opened up the original score extract in Sibelius again, and made an entirely new score. I copied the orchestral parts over to the new score, and then exported that new score with the pasted in parts, as an xml file. I then opened the xml score in Dorico. It plays back perfectly, but when I went to audio export it, I had the same result. Not one percentage of audio export happened. It just sits there with the whirling mouse.
I’ll post the score, and see how I go. I just have to start the same process again from Sibelius.

thanks again for your help.

Steve :slight_smile:

Here is the score I just mentioned attached to this post if anyone want’s to see if they get the same problem. The orchestral parts are all public domain, but the piano arrangement is not, so I deleted that from the score.
Ok, just tried to attach the dorico file here and it will not let me do this. So not sure what to do now.

You need to zip it. The forum won’t accept a .dorico file. You may also want to set the playback template to silence first, to reduce the file size.

Ok, I’ve found how to set it to silence. Thanks for that.

Play Menu, Playback template, Silence. It’ll cut down the size by probably 80%.

here it is. Thanks if you have any problem with it also. Much appreciated if you can help :slight_smile:
I’ve had to put a replacement file here, as the original one had my copyrighted piano part in it, and I forgot to take that out. The part posted was only a section of a larger score I’m working on for publication.
If you have downloaded it with the copyrighted piano part, could you please do me the favour and delete it, as I accidentally forgot to take the piano part out before I uploaded the file. If you have downloaded it and have deleted it, I’ll give you a free pdf of the whole score when it’s ready for publication! The replacement one is now attached. Thanks for your help here. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
William Tell score no 2 silent (1.54 MB)

just to warn you that there are a few wrong notes here and there that have to be corrected yet.

I had no trouble exporting the audio although I only used NP for the whole piece, piano and all. Fun piece, BTW.

thanks Lafn for trying this out. If it’s working on yours and not on mine, I haven’t got a clue why this is happening then. Maybe I should delete Dorico entirely and re-install it then. It can’t work out why this score will not audio export on mine and will work for your program.

The piano arrangement is something I’m working on that is part of another larger score. I’m going to put a different score up that doesn’t have the piano part, as I forgot to take it out. Sorry! :slight_smile:

Steve, you can certainly send me the original score. The version you’ve uploaded here works fine for me, both in playback and in audio export. When you say you tried taking away the CFX piano, did you do that by doing Play > Playback Template and simply re-choosing the ‘NotePerformer’ playback template and clicking OK? If not, then that’s definitely what I would recommend as your next step.

Hi Daniel,

yes, someone else also tried the score, but like yourself, had no trouble with audio export at all.

Oh, yes, I did try the score without the Garritan Piano, and it still did not audio export.

However, when I turned the original Sibelius file that the William Tell Section came from originally [large bar no of 1557], into a .xml. file, and opened it up in Dorico, playback was perfect, and it exported the audio with not a problem. In comparison, the William Tell Section, which I extracted from this file is only 257 bars, yet won’t audio export, and I’m really curious to know what is doing this. I’m wondering if the best next solution to try is to totally re-download the latest Dorico 2 version and start again, even though I have installed the latest update.

I also retested the file I uploaded to the Dorico site that would not audio export for me, and once set up with note performer, which also played back perfectly, and then I set audio export on. And it was on for 9 minutes, and yet the percentage of audio export is still at zero.
However, I’ve found a temporary workaround, which was to get the large original score XML score from Sibelius [from whence the William Tell Section was extracted], into Dorico by exporting it from Sib as a .xml. file. After opening it in Dorico, I used the new transparent staff up the top of the highest staff to delete the unwanted bars before and after the William Tell section, and this gave me the same William Tell Extract section that I got in Sibelius. However, this score did export the audio correctly.

So, would you possibly recommend me doing a completely new download of the Dorico software?
On the other hand, as I have a workaround now, that will suffice me for the moment, but I’m still anxious to fix it if possible.

Thanks, Daniel,

best regards,


HI Daniel,

just thinking, at the moment, I’m working on getting through this score and I’m still using Sibelius and gradually learning how to use Dorico, so I won’t worry anymore about the problem at the moment. Once I get through the work associated with this, maybe I’ll take another look at what is causing the problem. For the time being, I’ll stick with the workaround that I have come up with, as that is working well at the moment.

I have to say, with what I do know about using Dorico, I’m getting more and more to really like the program. Just the bar deleting thing I discovered in the latest version is just awesome!

Thanks for your reply,

Steve :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

There’s no reason to think that reinstalling Dorico will make any difference to the problem you’re having with audio export, I’m afraid. When you’re ready to look into this again, you should send me the actual project file.

Thanks Daniel,

I believe you are correct. Yes, that is a good idea! Thank you!

Steve :slight_smile:

I had to change the project name to something shorter in order to export audio… this was on my pretty modest Windows 8.1 laptop :slight_smile: