Large fermatas over several notes

I need a fermata over several notes only in the singing part of a score as used in operas of Mozart, Cimarosa and so on.
Signs like that are unfortunately still missing in Dorico, at least as far as I know.
I created a png and imported that as a playing technique in Dorico, but the reult was not good enough for professional purposes.
Could anyone maybe help me with that?


Sorry that I’ve not yet had a chance to reply to the email you sent me about this last week, Michael. I think you might find that adding a slur and then a custom playing technique of an appropriate circle (e.g. from the Round and square noteheads SMuFL category) that you position in Engrave mode might work better than an imported graphic. Alternatively, importing a SVG rather than a PNG will give a better result, because SVG is a vector format, so will print beautifully at any resolution without aliasing.

Thank you so much, Daniel, I’ll try that out!