Large intensive project - cubase can't properly export - realtime or non

I have a large very complex project - running lots of plugins - some DSP card, some not… some are very high latency plugins (Ozone 8, Equilibrium, etc). I’m trying to export multiple audio files at once… All groups, all FX channels, etc. I’ve tried this with a single export though, and even that doesn’t work. The project plays back fine when working on it… although there is probably an 8-10 second delay every time I hit play before audio begins to play.

Realtime Export, I keep getting an error from Cubase (Sorry, a Timeout occurred during Realtime Audio Export).

Non-realtime export: some of the tracks are just very slightly out of sync. When I import them all to see if they line up, they sound like there’s some kind of latency or delay on some of the tracks… This does not occur when playing back the project… it sounds fine.

What do I do? I have to tear down my studio and move it literally like tomorrow, and I have a client expecting his files prior, and I can’t even export them for him. It may be a month or two before I can set up the studio again… This is a MAJOR problem. I can’t believe Cubase can play the project fine, but can’t export… WTF??? Currently using Cubase 10.5.20


I got it working… There were instances of Equilibrium on individual tracks, AND on the main stereo buss… Removing Equilibrium from the stereo buss fixed it…

STILL… If Cubase can play back the project fine, it should be able to export the project fine… feeling very frustrated at the moment with buggy Cubase export.