Large Panner - who knew?

Who knew? You can enlarge the stereo track panners by holding ALT and double clicking on the track panner for a large view of either Stereo Combined or Stereo Balance panners! You can also have several large panners open at once. It makes fine adjustments very easy. Just thought I’d share my discovery.


Oooh, New to me, thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

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Wonder what other hidden trinkets are out there?

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Another hidden trick: press alt and double click on a send. It will open the insert effect on the given send. Quick way to edit parameters of FX from the track being sent to it.


Fantastic tip, thanks a lot.


I knew. :wink:

Alt + click to a value (for example the Volume in the Inspector) shows a fader.
Shift+changing any parameter makes fine-tubing.
Ctrl/Cmd+click jumps to the default value.

There is always a lot of tricks. :wink:


Martin, what was the combination for having all selected events lengthen together in the key editor, do you remember? I had assigned a modifier to it but now it doesn’t seem to work anymore. I always mean to recheck and I always forget. But now when you said tricks it came back to me that I need to check this!


If I understand you correctly:

  • Alt + Arrow Left: extends the length of all selected notes to the Left (Starts)
  • Alt + Arrow Right: extends the length of all selected notes to the Right (Ends)
  • Shift + Alt + Arrow Left: reduces the length of all selected notes to the Left (Starts)
  • Shift Alt + Arrow Right: reduces the length of all selected notes to the Right (Ends)

I tried to make it as graphical as possible. :wink:

Is this what you are looking for?


Good to have these as well written down as a refresher, but that’s not what I was looking for.

Let’s say I have recorded a chord by playing it. And the 3 notes don’t end at the exact same time. I think it was a two-key modifier. Select the 3 notes, drag the end of one of them with the modifier pressed, and all notes become the same length towards the end, we drag/resize them to a new length and they all end at the same time. I had to manually assign that from the modifiers. I’ll have a look again now that I’m going home.

I don’t know if it’s clear.

This kind of reveals that the panners are in fact VST plugins. :slightly_smiling_face:

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An alternative is using the Trim tool + Ctrl (to limit its movement to a vertical angle) and cut the end of all the notes at the same time.

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Got it. It was the “All Events Same Value” Modifier". It’s probably blank by default, and I had to reassign Ctrl Shift to it. Probably preferences misbehaving again. But isn’t it a beauty? :grin:


Thanks, that looks super useful! BTW, mine was also blank and had to reassign the keys

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From top of my head (now) I’m not sure about the dash, but if you hold Ctrl/Cmd after entering the value in the Info Line, the value becomes absolute for all selected events.

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Or, right click send


I would love if there were a feature to ‘align left’ notes in the key editor - not to quantise them, but just line them up where they are. I often play stuff in that’s not tight to the grid.

Has anybody got a way to do this?


You can select the notes, and type the value in the Start field in the Info Line. Then press Ctrl/Cmd + Enter. The value is going to be used for all selected Notes.

Or you can see the cursor to the position, where you want to place the notes and then select the notes one by one and call the Move > Event Starts to Cursor.

Thanks Martin!

All very helpfull and not yet known, thank you! :heart:

Right click on the InsertFX icon or SendFX icon in the track list lets you select to open the GUI of a plugin.