Larry Coryell

Anybody else a giant fan as I was? Seems he was too young to go. So many beautiful recordings, and his live playing was from the heart.

very sad loss. Jimi invited him to play on the Electic Ladyland recording of Voodoo Chile, maybe the long version with steve winwood and jack cassidy ,appantly he turned it down saying "nah i`ll just get in the way " or words to that effect .but it still would have been great to hear.

Oh no, I didn’t realise. A group of us grew up with Larry Coryell, along with the other new fusion players like John McLoughlin and Chick Corea. I was playing Level One in the car this morning. A wonderful player who got good musicians around him. His electric sound wasn’t always the best - a bit transistor fuzzy sometimes, but I loved him.


I saw him once, maybe twice. I liked him, he took chances and wasn’t afraid to stretch out. He was an inspiration to many players and certainly one of the fusion pioneers. I’ll miss him and was sad to hear the news.

My sympathies to any of Larry’s family, friends, close associates and fans of Larry’s who may happen see this.

I wish he had ‘gotten in the way’ and I’m sorry we don’t have a recording of that jam. :frowning:

I saw him live once, he was a great player!

RIP Larry…