Lasso Tool - "Cowboys don’t sleep they just wait"

I request a Lasso Tool to be able to make quick and manual complex selections of midi notes in one pass instead of Shift+Clicking several times, both inside the Key Editor and the Edit in Place Editor. Thanks.
lasso tool.png


I’d take it further and suggest that it also have all the power of the Range Tool.

nonononooooh! only on +1 per person! :imp:


I am surely misunderstanding something obvious here, but what could a lasso tool do in one pass that can’t be done already?
Surely, even with a separate lasso tool, you’d still need to lasso separately (and with Shift held) for any non-contiguous events?
(as for Range Tool in the Editors, I’m aleady one of the "+10000"s :wink: )

I took it as a tool you draw a line around the notes you want to select and when you connect the end of the line you have a little blip lighting up or whatever so you know you have connected the ends. Then you release and you have selected the notes inside. Kind of like PhotoShop and other graphical programs.

Ah, I see… not restricted to a rectangle. Thanks Ulf :wink:. Guess that’s a “+1” from me too, in that case :wink:

hell yes. I never thought of this but now I have imagined it I absolutely need it

Lasso selection tool please!

For what?

Photoshop compatibility?

Ah! Topics merged.

The ideal tool would also be effective in the main arrangement to quickly slalom between parts, audio and midi


I do like the idea of having a tool that is not restricted to a rectangle.

Regards :sunglasses:

J Buckingham suggests a Line selection tool.

Freehand can be shaky, especially when using a selecting cursor to scroll beyond the current static view.

So why not add a request for a Polygon Selection tool: as the name indicates, exclusively composed of straight lines, so that every time you add a click you fixate a side and start a new one, free to add as many as you want by changing angles as you see fit, until you close the shape’s loop by clicking near the starting point of the first side you traced : there could be magnetism between the first and potential last click of the polygon’s tracing.

Yes. Freehand can be absolutely be shaky here.