Last Curor Position - Command

Opcode StudioVision had this useful command, Cubase doesn’t.
If you inadvertently click somewhere, you can get bogged-down. This command is quick and effective.

+1 That would be handy. (And Studio Vision was amazing. RIP)

+1. Great idea.

I would like to also suggest that this action would restore the scrolling position in place the last time the cursor was stationary. When editing a section of a project, we are usually (really, pretty much always) interested in working on events to the right of the cursor, not those to the left of it (those earlier in the piece than the cursor position). That means we usually position the cursor close to the left edge of the visible area when editing a section. When we return the cursor to a given location, it would be optimal to have the previous overall screen position be the same as well. Returning to a previous cursor position should not have the cursor positioned near the right edge of the screen - this (at least to me) is vastly irritating and counterproductive.

Thanks, Dave for fleshing this out. I wonder if Protools, Logic, MOTU and others offer this?
While we’re at it, let’s show some love for MIDI scrubbing in the key editor, another StudioVision feature.

+1 - I like the idea of undo on the cursor position.

+1 - I also like the idea of the cursor appearing on the left of the screen rather than in the middle. Perhaps there could be a preference to specify a percentage ‘sticky’ position?


Though I would love to have the ability for the cursor to default to the left rather than the middle,

But, maybe keep it to one FR per thread, as the others will get lost in the shuffle.

Actually, I created a thread for this request (or at least one quite similar) a year or two ago. No time to track it down right now, but maybe it’s time for a suntower-style annual request. This one is pretty high on my list - maybe even right at the very top.