Last In/FIrst Out for Save/AutoSave?

Hi - does anyone know whether saving more often takes up more disc space, or if after making some certain # of saves a “buffer” becomes full and subsequent saves displace the earliest ones in the buffer (so these subsequent saves would not take up more disc space), so to speak?

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Apart from that it is explained in the manual - what keeps you from trying it…?

I doubt it matters much, if at all. Cubase project files are small anyway, especially when compared to the audio files that compliment a project.

That’s a good point too, thanks Strophoid. I’m going through a phase of getting a bunch of crashes (too many VSTi’s), causing loss of automation in the VSTi lanes since the last save. So I was thinking about trying to compensate for the moment by saving like a fiend (picture the guy in the avatar of one of our fellow posters who keeps hitting the F5 button, except for me it would be the CTRL-ALT-S buttons). Then I got to wondering - which in itself usually leads to unintended consequences!

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