Last TOOLS for MR version 1.7.9 for macOS released

If you go with MOTU get the 828 ES version, way better AD/DA. I had a MOTU 828 before the MR BTW.

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I love the 816. I just don’t trust Steinberg any more.

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MR was a gamble for me anyways

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So Steinberg has finally shown their cards. As suspected, Steinbergs agenda really is to force their users to buy new hardware!

I wonder how many will fall for this scam?


While stuck at home I went through my ‘old gear’ boxes … lo and behold I found an original MOTU Traveller firewire interface. Could have sworn I’d passed it on years go after I bought the MR816.

Anyway I hauled it out and went to MOTU’s site where it is listed as a “Legacy” product… I think it came out 2-3 years before the MR816. I put an email to MOTU support about the status of its drivers and sure enough within a few hours got a reply and a link to current drivers which completely support Mac OS 10.15 Catalina.

Compared to Yamaha MOTU is a tiny company and they can give proper support to customers. So Steinberg… get on the phone to Yamaha and negotiate a proper 816 driver update to 64 bit. At least a Configuration Control Panel so we can use the 816 as a set of external Mic Pre’s. Based on the precedent provided by other vendors the decision to abandon the 816 just isn’t acceptable to your customers.

Whilst I understand that support resources need to be allocated differently sometimes, to drop support for any product which retails in this kind of price bracket, comes as a bit of a shock. I think perhaps you may have lost sight of just how expensive these products are - and that many customers, like myself, are not earning money from our use of these products; in other words, we are not professionals. I also think the announcement of the end of support is perhaps a bit on the brief side and, as such, doesn’t help to reflect the empathy it claims - though I realise you have clearly not made this decision lightly. Without wishing to gripe, but merely to register agreement with the unhappy consensus of this thread, it is reasonable and inevitable that potential buyers of MR816 replacement options are jittery at the prospect of investing further in SB hardware. The appetite for it has definitely been diminished somewhat. And I write as a long-time SB supporter and advocate who has never found anything to complain about with SB before now.

Actually, Steinberg has revealed it agenda. It is to drum up sales of the AXR interfaces. An agenda that is doomed to fail! I will never trust Steinberg when it comes to hardware again!

The claim that it’s because it’s discontinued, is hogwash. Steinberg still supports the Houston. A piece of hardware that is so old that I don’t think many knows what it is!

I keep my Mojave until I see there a nothing necessary. Then, I will invest in a Larger SDD and make it dual boot. I can also use my old PC and use System Link to have some fun. They have already decided to do this, we need to do what is the best for us.

Nice post and agree with the sentiment and your ultimate conclusion. It’s why when I had to replace my 3 interfaces (need them to be both PC and Mac compatible) I gave Steinberg and their new AXR interface a wide berth. The AXR looks like a good product but the support side of it simply cannot be trusted.

I invested in Universal Audio Apollo’s. Similar-ish price to the AXR and still use the MR’s as ADAT slaves, as they function perfectly. I don’t need the DSP of the MR as I use the DSP in the Apollos for all ADAT channels and have way more options. I’m hopeful that one day Steinberg will change their support policy for their hardware, but it’ll takes years of consistency for me to trust them again.

May I ask which interface you used Universal Audio Apollo if you don’t mind? I might do the same setup.

I bought 1 x Apollo x8p and 2 x Apollo x8. With the deal that was on offer at the time I also got an Octo Satellite and and 2 x Quad Satellite thrown in. I already had an Octo PCIE card and quite a few of their plugins, so it was a no brainer for me. It did feel like a forced update at the time due to the dropped driver support on the MR but to be fair, I was already starting to consider an upgrade. I’m very glad I made the change.

Steinberg interfaces were in consideration for approx the amount of imperceivable tracking latency I now have with my new setups at any buffer size. I almost always forget about the first time I was bitten with the MR’s and that was the whole daisy chaining debacle. So twice bitten!..

Back again …

Please Ed, Stefan and the team … just a few lines of code to help keep all the 816’s on Mac lit up with 64 bit drivers!

I know you want to sell lots of AXR’s ( and I’d love one … ) but it doesn’t help you to force the 816 contingent out the door! I mean chances are if an 816 user felt like upgrading to an AXR they’d want to use the 816 for extra inputs… stands to reason. But if there’s no viable 64 bit driver to at least configure the thing they can’t.

Not mention the fact that selling an 816 might get someone well on the way to an AXR … but that becomes a tough job if buyers feel they can’t use the 816!

Firewire as a protocol will stick around for decades by virtue of being wrapped up in Thunderbolt / USB C so no issue there.

BY NOT continuing driver support SB/Yamaha are shooting themselves in the foot. Keeping products useful is the best way to build an ecosystem that users can expand upon … and they will keep coming back for your new gear. Killing off earlier products just ends up killing the newer stuff too.

Come on … its just a matter of Will… decisions can be changed.

Well, at least MOTU is happy. I just bought an 828es. I don’t know if Steinbergs Personel are quite clear on who they work for. Steinberg or it’s competitors!

Just had to update to Catalina … my NLE requires it now … so the MR drivers no longer work.

I got the 64 bit versions for the CMC controllers … surely if you decided to update those, the MR816 drivers shouldn’t be much of an argument?

Please, please think again about this. Theres plenty of active MR users out there still… and all we need is a re-compile of the driver. Nothing fancy. Nothing has changed in Firewire for years! It would not be a heavy lift particularly in these days of COVID . Yamaha most likely has engineers sitting on their hands looking for work!

We’re getting rid of D. Tr**p for you all … can’t you return us this little favor??? :smiley:

Well, I located an unwanted, very old MacBook Air and it updated to High Sierra. I can confirm that installing these crappy v1.7.9 drivers will result in the 816 not being seen by the computer. And as others mention, uninstalling and reinstalling the v1.7.8 version won’t fix the issue.

I revived my interface by following the process laid out here

Uninstall drivers, manual cleanup, disable system integrity, install v. 1.7.8 , activate system integrity.

I can’t believe SB distribute this interface killer!!!

At least I can configure it to use as extra preamps now.

Wow, it is quite surprising that they don’t respond even if only to appease the situation. I too have an mr816 but i am in windows an lately use it only as a front for my rme digiface, since firewire is so difficult to come by these days. Unfortunately autosync doesn’t work as it should, so I’ve been considering to upgrade to an ARX but clearly this kind of strategy makes it impossible. My old pci rme digiface btw (bought in 2003) has still drivers. There is simply no excuse for a music technology giant.

I’m on PC so I still have some time (how long nobody knows) left on my 2 MR816s.
I feel badly for people on OS who now own $1000 paperweights.
Steinberg never had a great reputation for product support before, but with the “zero latency” daisy chaining BS, the repeated times I met with Steinberg reps at conventions who promised to reach out to me and never followed up, and the heartless way they have chosen to treat their customers - who purchased their “flagship product” - I can state unequivocally that it would be a cold day in hell (or Texas) before I buy another piece of Steinberg hardware.

SB please compile a driver for the MR816 on Big Sur M1… I love this interface and want to keep using it.
You would make a bunch of fans happy.

It will have a positive impact on the allocation of resources for developing new products.” Yes I’m sure it was a very difficult decision to give your customers the finger and tell us that you are no longer interested in our business!

The MR816 is an excellent interface and, as far as I’ve heard, the only interfaces that works correctly with the Control Room feature and Direct monitoring. Also we can daisychain up to three MR816s for 24 analogue outputs/inputs (actually, with three Alesis AI3s, we can have up to 48 simultaneous inputs/outputs)! There are not very many interfaces that can rival this! If Steinberg think that you can force your users to waste money and ditch the excellent sounding MR816 interfaces and buy new Steinberg interfaces, you are sadly mistaken. If I’m forced to replace a perfectly usable interface for no reason, I guarantee that it won’t be with a Steinberg product. “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” The issue is actually far worse! Not only will Steinberg prevent us from upgrading Catalina. Within about three years, Steinberg will prevent us from upgrading Cubase/Nuendo as well, when support for Mojave is dropped! “From macOS 10.15 (Catalina) Apple has ceased to support 32-bit applications”. So, What! I’m convinced that Steinbergs programmers could recompile the drivers to 64-bit format in an afternoon! Is Steinberg really sure that you will drive your customers away, this way. Remember, you are not Apple!