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Do I have to logout from here for the good last visit indication to show correctly? Even if I was here yesterday it points to some two three days back; it would be very convenient and a good time saver if it pointed correctly

I never logout as logging in again involves using Bitwarden to enter the hugely long password, then Authy 2FA to finish the process.

Paranoid maybe, but I watched a video which highlighted the dangers of one’s Steinberg account being hacked, so spent the next two days sorting out all my passords!

Bad idea to keep logins all the time, what if someone gets access to your computer, without you noticing it? Then you offer them everything, just because your browser is still logged in. Log out if you don’t need the site and login again later. Bitwarden makes it easy for you as it enters all the required data automatically. This is shown pretty clear in the video.

This statement is a bit misleading. It implies that only Steinberg accounts are vulnerable and that is wrong. Every account you have in the internet is a possible target and you should take care of it.

The video shows it all on the Steinberg account, but make sure you have all your accounts secured and use 2FA wherever offered.

Being paranoid in real life may be strange, in the online world it is a mandatory requirement.

I always switch my computer off when I’ve finished working on it, and of course it needs a password to get back in.

It’s not misleading at all. The video, being by a music producer, uses Steinberg as an example of the horrors which can result of being hacked. It’s perfectly obvious that all accounts are vunerable.

Anyway, the message is - secure your accounts.

For me the list of threads shows a proper —last visit— line when I close the browser tab and reload the forum. But I read most everything, so I go by the color of the thread titles to see what is unread.

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Ditto - I’ve learnt loads about Dorico from such luminaries as PianoLeo, BenWiggy, DanKrieder, Daniel +++ etc etc.

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