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I’m using Dorico with VSL Vienna Ensemble Pro. When giving the Stop command, either via shortcut or the transport bar’s button, Dorico takes several seconds before stopping. This may be about ten seconds with VEP decoupled, or a lot more with it coupled.

What may be causing this? Is there a way to have playback stopped in any case, whatever the software is doing in the background?


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Perhaps the CPU is really heavily loaded by the real-time processing in the audio engine and VE Pro, meaning that your input to tell Dorico to stop isn’t processed for a few seconds. If that’s the case, unfortunately I don’t think there’s anything we can do about it.

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Hi @Paolo_T, I am interested in seeing a diagnostics report from your machine. Please do start /stop with a corresponding project and then do Help > Create Diagnostics Report. Thanks

@Ulf , thank you for your feedback!

Please find attached a diagnostic report taken immediately after noticing that the Stop command didn’t break the playback. Communication with VEP was ‘coupled’ (Dorico and VEP exchanging sound data).

Please note this only happens after playback has gone on. I guess, also, when more sound data have been exchanged.


Dorico Diagnostics - after Save, (1022.1 KB)

Hi @Paolo_T , thanks for the data.
According to the logs, Dorico issues the start/stop commands and the audio engine is receiving them immediately. The only lengthy process I can see then, is, that the project file gets saved and thus all plug-in states do get collected and in your case that is plenty of data, because you have over 30 Vienna instances, which is a lot, btw.
What if you switch off AutoSave or try to avoid active saving of the project, does it go any better?

While at the moment I can’t try the AutoSave or avoiding manual saving, I can confirm that by decoupling the VEP instances the delay is greatly reduced (but not eliminated). I can try to send you a diagnostic report with VEP decoupled, if this is of any use.

As a side note: I have many VEP instances for two reasons: I use different libraries, therefore there in an instance for each of the ones I’m using in this project. And so, one for the woodwinds, two for different brass, one for percussion, one for mallets, one for harps, and maybe four for strings.

Then, Dorico creates VSTi instances for second or third instruments, that I then manually relink to existing instances, but these are not really connected to a VEP instance.


Hi Paolo, yes, post another diagnostics report, please.

Dear Ulf, I don’t have anything to diagnose, now!

  • I’ve tried with AutoSave on, but also Decouple All on. No delay, even after reaching the end of a busy piece.

  • The other way: AutoSAve off, and Decouple All off. No manual save. Also in this case, no delay.

It looks like the delay happens when Dorico is saving, and receiving data from VEP to store them.

I’m just wondering if I should keep AutoSave off. I am one of those who do frequent manual saves, and also create progressive copies of the file as a backup. Maybe AutoSave becomes, at this point, more an annoyance than a useful feature.


Well, this decision you have to make yourself, I’m afraid.

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